Milonga La Bohemia - returning soon

Located in an old classic building in the heart of the city. Easy acess by public transport. Bar service.

SPACE: Medium size room with wooden floor.. Places to sit around and a few tables.

WHEN: Last Monday of each month, 21:00-00:00


WHERE: Casa de Lafões - R. da Madalena 199, 1100-204 Lisboa, Portugal




A Todo Tango

Charming room in a classic building in the centre of the city.  Adjoining bar/restaurant for meeting and mingling.

SPACE: medium sized room with wooden floor. Places to sit, and a few tables with Air Conditioning.

WHEN: Every Tuesday 20:30 - 23:30


WHERE: Rua dos Fanqueiros, 286, 1º, Lisboa



Milonga de Pura Cepa

Located in Bar Foxtrot, a typical charming bar full of charisma and history.

SPACE: Small room dance floor, and tables to sit around. 

(Smoking inside is allowed.)

Resident DJ: Manuel Mealha

WHEN: Monthly on Tuesdays, 20:00 - 23:00


WHERE: Foxtrot - Travessa Santa Teresa, 28, Lisboa



Tango na Rua

Dance at a different location each week.  Tango beneath the moon and starlit skies in summer time.  In cooler months the dance floor moves to interesting indoor locations.

SPACE: several locations in the city.

WHEN: Every Wednesday 21:30 – 0:00

ENTRANCE: All events are free entry.



Milonga La Bella-Lisboa

In the new Venue of the Belém Clube fonded in 1899, close to the Maat and Casa da America Latina takes place Milonga la Bella in a friendly atmosphere all the love and the care of the tango. 

20h-21h tango lessons with the teachers Marco De Camillis e Anna Arizza. 

SPACE: Midle size room with wooden floor, professionals Djs.Places to sit and small tables. Bar with area to relax with sits and tables. Facilities: Free Parking.

WHEN: every second and fourth Thursday of the month, 21:30 - 0:00


WHERE: Rua da Junqueira, 243A, Lisboa


Milonga Brava - Thursday edition

Centrally located milonga in a beautiful room. Adjoining bar/restaurant.

SPACE:  Large room with air-conditioning, wooden floor, tables to sit at.

WHEN: 3rd Thursday of each month, 21:00 – 00:00


WHERE: Casa da Comarca de Arganil - Rua da Fé, 23, Lisboa


Tango Clandestino

In the charming little bar called Camones Cine Bar, this Milonga is situated in the heart of the historic Graça district.

SPACE: Small size room with wooden floor. Places to sit and small tables. Bar/restaurante.

WHEN: every first Thursday of the month and the fifth, if there are, 20:00 - 23:00

ENTRANCE: 4€ with consuption

WHERE: Rua Josefa Maria 4B, 1170-359 Lisboa



Mama Tango - returning soon

Milonga all Fridays with a friendly and cool atmosphere. Wooden floor, good music, good bar. Amazing view of 25th of April Bridge. Table reservation free. Free parking close by. 
Class before the milonga with teachers from Buenos Aires. Class starts at 20.00.

You’re welcome to join in.

WHEN: Every Friday 21:30 - 02.00

ENTRANCE: 5€ (milonga only)

WHERE: Rua da Academia Recreativa de Santo Amaro 9, Lisboa


Milonga da Avenida

Located close to the city centre in a cosy setting with views to the central Avenue of Lisbon. Adjoining bar service.

SPACE: small room with wooden floor, places to sit and a few tables.

WHEN: 3rd Friday of each month, 21:00 - 02:30


WHERE: Casa do Concelho da Idanha-a-Nova - Avenida da Liberdade, 157 R/C Esq, Lisboa


Milonga La Gata

Energetic and good environment. Located in an old, traditional building. Bar service with snacks. Easy parking.

SPACE: medium size room with wooden floor. Tables to sit at.

WHEN: Every 2nd and 4th Friday of the month, 22:00-02:30


WHERE: ADF - Rua da Praia de Pedrouços, 76, Lisboa


Milonga del Viernes

Located in a characterful building with bar service. 

SPACE: Big room with wooden floor,  seats and tables to sit around.

WHEN: 1st Friday of each month, 22:00-02:00


WHERE: Casa Do Concelho De Tomar, Rua Flores de Lima, 8, Lisboa



Lisboa Porteña - Milonga de Barrio

At Milonga de Barrio, people are the priority. Our space is designed to promote human contact, where everyone can make new friends and get to know each other, and where dancing is a bonus and not the sole purpose - we want our milonga to feel personal and familiar to everyone. Once every month, we invite the whole community to share an evening with us at ENTRE DOS.

SPACE: Two rooms with bar service. Medium size space. Wooden floor. Seats available

WHEN: Once a month, 19:30-23:30. Varies the dates.

ENTRANCE: 5€/person (price may vary when we have live music or other events at the milonga)

WHERE: ENTRE DOS - Avenida 25 de Abril, n25 atelier esq. 1675185 Pontinha


Milong'à Graça

Charming building in city centre, full of charisma and history. Bar service on the upper balcony from which you can watch the dancers below.

SPACE: big room with wooden floor and tables to sit at.

WHEN: 3rd Saturday of each month, 22:00-03:00 - in June and August there is no Milonga.


WHERE: Caixa Económica Operária - Rua Voz do Operário, 64, Lisboa


Milonga Brava - Saturday edition

Centrally located milonga in a beautiful room. Adjoining bar/restaurant.

SPACE:  Large room with air-conditioning, wooden floor, tables to sit at.

WHEN: 2nd Saturday of each month, 22:00 - 02:00


WHERE: Usually held at Sociedade Filarmónica João Rodrigues Cordeiro - Rua da Fé, Nº 46-A Lisboa


Milonga do J' Amor

Friendly environment in an ancient and characterful building. Bar service.

SPACE: Wooden floor and tables to sit at.

WHEN: 2nd Saturday of each month, 22:30-03:00


WHERE: Rua Sacadura Cabral, 81, Cruz Quebrada


Milonga Macondo

Charming building in city centre. Vegetarian food and drinks sold in a friendly atmosphere. Terrace with panoramic views.

SPACE: Large room with wooden floor. Places to sit.

WHEN: Occasional Milonga usually held on a Saturday afternoon. 19:00 - 23:00


WHERE: INATEL - Rua da Mouraria, 64, Lisboa


Milonga a Promotora

Charming and spacious building. Some food and drink sold in a friendly atmosphere.

Open class (included in the price of the Milonga) 21H15 - 22H15

SPACE: large room with wooden floor. Tables to sit at.

WHEN: 4th Saturday of the month, 22:30-03:00


WHERE: Largo das Fontaínhas, 19, 1300-501 Lisboa


Rave Tanguera

Monthly milonga to carry you into the night and through to the early hours. Informal bar with wine, beer and empanadas.  Friendly atmosphere.

Before Milonga, beginners Workshop 20:00 – 22:00​

SPACE: large room with wooden floor and tables and chairs around.

WHEN: 1st Saturday of the month, 22:00 – 03:00

ENTRANCE: 5€ (milonga only)

WHERE: Clube Ferroviário de Portugal - Rua de Santa Apolónia, 59, Lisboa


Milonga das Milongas

Dance only milongas at this milonga!  For you to put all your energy onto the dance floor.

SPACE: Eka Palace. Charming old palace, with wooden floor. Have a bar and a nice terrace with views over the city

WHEN: Occasionally at 2nd Saturday of the month, 18:00 - 20:00


INFO: info:


Milonga da Barraca

"The oldest milonga in Portugal and one of the oldest and traditional in Europe. Stands out for the promotion of the social tango from Buenos Aires and for the consistency in the values that provides to the participants, emphasizing the intimate meaning from the embrace, the music and the social celebration of the milonga as the center of tango. Milonga d’ A Barraca is characterized, since 1999, for its loyalty to the traditional tango and for its communion with the traditional Portuguese fado. Occasionally with live music"Resident DJ: Alejandro Laguna

SPACE: small room, tables and chairs at the side of the wooden floor.

WHEN: Every Sunday, 21:30-00:30


WHERE: Teatro A Barraca (Bar A Barraca) - Largo de Santos, 2, Lisboa



Milonga del 7

A Milonga that happens when there is no other Milonga scheduled. 

SPACE: in differents locations of the city.

WHEN: usually on the 5th saturday of the month.





In the same venue as the School ENTRE DOS.
The Practica ENTRE DOS intend to be a space and a moment between the class and the Milonga to exercise, to risk and to consolidate.
Everyone is welcome to share in these meetings!
WHEN: Every Tuesday and Thursday, 21:0023:00
ENTRANCE: 3€ (single) / 5€ (pair)
WHERE: ENTRE DOS Av. 25 de Abril, nº25, ATL Esquerdo, Pontinha, 1675185 Lisboa


La Practica is where you can train concepts, steps and sequences, interrupt a dance in half to talk about one or the other movement, exchange impressions in the middle of the dance with the peer, classmates or teachers who are there to help or simply dance. There are no curtains and each student can dance to the same pair for 3 hours straight without embarrassment! However, because everything is set in a relaxed, familiar and sharing environment, even those who go it alone are never without practice."Tangueros" are invited to bring something to eat and drink to share so that together we can promote and foster conviviality.
WHEN: Every Friday, 21:0024:00
ENTRANCE: €5,00 - welcome drink included (beer, soft drinks and water)
WHERE: Rua Fernando Vaz, 20B - 1750-108 Lumiar - Lisboa