Portugal em Tango - full program

December 5, 2017


L.E.TANGO presents


Portugal [in] Tango 2017 "The Magic"
10th Meeting of Argentinean Tango
15 | 16 | December 17
Clube Ferroviário de Portugal - Rua de Santa Apolónia nº 59



Friday, December 15

20:30 to 22:00

Concert-Show "VOLVER"
"TangoManso and Other Herbs"


22:00 to 03:00
Concert to dance to: "KuarTeo KilomBo"
Djs: Maria de Beu Carvalho | Martin Herrera
Raffle: One piece of clothing from "Mademoiselle Gricel Moda para Milonguear"


Saturday, December 16

13 to 14h: Rita Vilhena "Verticality of Tango with Contact Improvisation"
14 to 15h: Hamiltom Santos "The Magic of the Giro"
15 to 16h: Jorge Salgado and Joana Carvalho "Dance the silence
(Biagi vs Pugliese) "
16 to 17h: Adam Vucetic "Valsa"
17 to 18h: Miriam Nieli "Milonga"
18 to 19h: Eliseu Beja and Maria João Branco "Magic - the illusion in the tango"
19 to 20h: Rui and Inês "The magic of the details: ochos and calesita with adornments"


22:00 to 03:00.
Dj: Carlos Cabral
Concert for Dancing, Orchestra "La Ideal"
Shows: Juan Capriotti & Graciana Romeo | Eliseu Beja and Maria João Branco | Jorge Salgado and Joana Carvalho
Raffles: A Pass for the 5 Milongas of the FTL 2018 + 4 tickets for the Show "TANGO and FADO"


Sunday December 17

13 to 14h: Maria Manuela Gonçalves "The ways of the Tango"
14 to 15h: Rui and Sandra "Free Leg immersion"
14 to 15h: Lydia Muller "Traditional Tango to neo Tango" Room 2
15 to 16h: Cristina Sales "Magic Ochos"
15 to 16h: João Fanha and Raquel Santos "SalsaparaTango" Room 2
16 to 17h: Teresa Pereira and Carlos Alvarez "Sacadas"
16 to 17h: Luciana Cardoso and Manuel Mealha "Classic movements of Tango Milonguero" (Room 2)
17 to 18h: Solange Galvão "Boleo for him and adornments for her within the embrace and for the dance floor"
6pm to 7pm: Juan Capriotti & Graciana Romeo "The Magic of Embrace"
19 a 20h: AULA MAGISTRAL with all masters of the event "The Magic of sharing"

20h ... Dinner "A la Canasta" Conviviality in the Event Space


20:00 to 01:00
Djs: Moon | Hélder Moura
SHOWS: Argentinian Folkore Quartet Native Spirit "Toma Mate" | Fusion Oriental Tango by Nadhiyah Bellydance | João Fanha and Raquel Santos "Cumbia Salsera"
Raffle: A piece of clothing by Volesque-Custom DanceWear


Photography / Video:
Bruno de Sousa | Contact Us |

Photography Exhibition:
Bruno de Sousa


- Mademoiselle Gricel Fashion for Milonguear
- Volesque-Custom DanceWear
- Alfajores in Portugal "Argentine Products"


-Argentinian Embassy in Portugal
-Restaurant "VOLVER"


-TOP pass (show on the sixth FRIDAY + all the milongas + all classes) 60 €
-PASS NIGHTS (Friday show + all milongas) 50 €
-FULL pass (all milongas + all classes) 50 €
-Show Friday VOLVER 10 €
-Show Friday BACK + Welcome Milonga € 15
-Welcome Milonga (Friday) 10 €
-Gala Milonga (Saturday) € 15
-Farewell Milonga (Sunday) 10 €
-Drop in class € 10


For more information:
Mail: lisboaemtango@gmail.com
Tel: +351 916192919

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